Success Stories

photograph of Rob Mayer - Graphic Technologies

Rob Mayer

Graphic Technologies • Omaha, Nebraska

" has been one of the best things to happen to our business. Their professionalism, technology and customer service far surpass any other web-to-print solution. The friendly staff has also been instrumental in our success. They are always ready and willing to help address any question we may have. Aaron Simmons has been the key person that helped us with uDesignIT and taught us the value of using all of the robust tools available. His knowledge and willingness to help with all of our questions has helped us to turn our website into a profitable extension of our business. Keep up the good work!"

photograph of Peter

Peter "The Printer" Lineal

Plum Grove Printers • Hoffman Estates, Illinois

"No printer should use! No printer should send out the email newsletter! No printer should work with Dave and his team of electronic marketing gurus! If you choose to ignore my advice you will have more clients, more satisfied clients, and more work to do... which will ruin your evening and weekend relaxation time."

photograph of Brad Krantz - Tampa Print Services

Brad Krantz

Tampa Print Services • Tampa, Florida

"Here's a real-world example of how has impacted our business. Briana, one of my project managers, took an order from a new customer at the front counter. He's a dentist, and she noticed he was from across the bay. (We are in Tampa. He is from Clearwater. You have to drive over the bay to get here from there.) She asked him if he lived over here. He said no, but that he like our website presentation so much he drove over here to give us the order. Pretty neat."

photograph of Barry Martin - Copyquik Printing & Graphics

Barry Martin

Copyquik Printing & Graphics • Hagerstown, Maryland

"We have been a customer of since 2004 and have had good success with their product. It has been a very stable platform, with great customer service representatives who are responsive to questions and are continually upgrading their product. We like the file transfer and FastTrack features and have many customers using these functions. Our customers also like the Printer@Work e-newsletter. We get many comments from them about the articles and content. We like coming to work in the morning and finding jobs, files, and estimate requests from our customers waiting for us! I would recommend to any printer looking to upgrade their online presence."

photograph of Jaci Maher - A-Link Printing & Promotions

Jaci Maher

A-Link Printing & Promotions • Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

"We love our site. The site is so full of features and easily customizable. We can add and upgrade content, offer our customers instant proofs and pricing, send newsletters to our contacts, link other sites to ours, and much, much more. The staff at is always helpful, listens for feedback for future enhancements, and is willing to consult with us to make our website unique. We hope to use much more of the capability of our website going forward."

photograph of Brian O'Day - ePrint

Brian O'Day

ePrint • Portland, Oregon

"We began working with in 2009. Dave and his team were easy to work with during our initial customizations and continue to provide us with great support when we need it. There are no hidden charges with My web-to-print accounts for over 50% of my business, and it never goes down!"

photograph of Kate Otto - Bolder Graphics

Kate Otto

Bolder Graphics • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I was so thrilled with the results of the Ink Inc. direct mail marketing products that I decided to see what their company had to offer when I was shopping around for a new website. After all, we had nothing to lose with their free 60-day trial! Within the first two weeks of launching our new site, we received orders from companies we had never done business with before; and those orders more than paid for the website. Everyone at is knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating. We could not be happier with the product, the service, or the results!"

photograph of Chuck Lobaugh - Curry Printing HHI, Inc.

Chuck Lobaugh

Curry Printing HHI, Inc. • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

"Hilton Head Island is my second print shop, and the very first thing I did after purchasing the shop was to sign up with! From my past experience at my former shop in Ohio, I knew of their excellent customer service and cutting-edge development. That has not changed. WebsitesForPrinters continues to push forward with new technologies in our ever-changing industry.

I routinely get compliments from our customers about our website. I have been able to act quickly by updating my site with new products or services that we offer, and I love the fact that I can do my own customizations.

The Printer@Work newsletter is a real bonus. It is well done and automatic, yet even this can be tweaked and customized. I have always appreciated that Mike is one of us. He understands our industry and what we are dealing with, and I think it shows in the products and services that WebsitesForPrinters brings to us. They are a good partner for progress."

photograph of Larry Taylor - Desert Pacific Printing

Larry Taylor

Desert Pacific Printing • Tuscon, Arizona

"The Printer@Work email newsletter and website combination provide us with the one-two punch we want from our online marketing. As an example, we had three customers call us to place an order for the Paycheck Envelope that was featured as the Uncommon Product in an issue of the Printer@Work newsletter. That shows me that people are reading the newsletter, and better yet, it is bringing business through our doors. When I ask my customers if they are receiving it, they break into a happy smile as they tell me it's a really appreciated email. Not only that, but every other Tuesday, we know that Printer@Work went out because the phone lights up much more than normal... honestly. The Printer@Work is worth it's weight in gold, and I'm glad it doesn't weigh too much!!!!... I couldn't afford it. When you combine that kind of marketing with the tips and tools provides our customers through our website, it's obvious this is a quality product."

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